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Card image 01 January 2014 South African Journal of Agricultural Extension, 42(2), 81 - 102

A comparative analysis of two land reform models: the Mashishimale Farm Management Model and the Nkumbuleni Strategic Partnership Model, South Africa

The Sustainable Restitution Support - South Africa (SRS-SA) program aimed at the development of a post-settlement support model that could be used to support beneficiaries of land reform in South Africa, especially those who received the land through restitution. The two land restitution claims were identified namely Mashishimale in the Limpopo Province and Nkumbuleni in KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa. The main objective of the study is to determine the essential elements of two post-settlement support models to successfully implement and manage land reform projects in a sustainable manner namely: Mashishimale Farm Management Model (FMM) and Nkumbuleni Strategic Partnership Model (SPM). The data was collected through meetings and interviews with different stakeholders or role players. The study reveals that the following actions are essential for the successful post-settlement to restitution farms: The execution of baseline study (survey) to determine the socio-economic situation in a community (beneficiaries). The appointment of an independent project facilitator/coordinator to ensure effective and efficient communication. A well-defined management structure and the appointment of a knowledgeable, skilful and experienced farm manager(s) or strategic partner. The development of a business plan for the farm with the support of professional agriculturist. The identification of qualified professional extension advisor to provide advice and guidance to the manager(s) or strategic partner. Appointment of a mentor to guide advice and train the manager(s) or strategic partner. Financial support to manage the farm (Grants; Comprehensive Agricultural Support Program; financial institutions and specifically the Land Bank).

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