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Card image 05 October 2018 Daily Maverick

If white is wrong and might is right, justice will not be done in South Africa

The land debate reached a kind of climax when Ernst Roets submitted AfriForum’s case to Parliament. Roets said the claim ‘whites stole the land’ is the ‘biggest historical fallacy of our time’. In response MP Filtane asked to end the debate and called for civil war. I criticised Roets for being ‘unhelpfully unclear’ on what he meant and described Filtane’s conduct as ‘unethical’. The debate goes on. Saul Musker defends Filtane by equating Roets with apartheid and holocaust denialists while accusing me of pushing “dangerous” white nationalist ideas behind a “moderate” mask. To move forward, we must break the hypocrisy of white is wrong and might is right.

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