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Card image 13 January 2019 Daily Maverick

Latitude for Expropriation Without Compensation is already underway

The drive over the past year towards empowering the government to seize private property through a policy of expropriation without compensation represents one of the most important developments in South Africa since 1994. It touches on the country’s prospects for prosperity and – with a constitutional amendment to the Bill of Rights in the works – on our constitutional order as well. It’s a big issue. But it is the nature of big issues that they often ultimately comprise, and are reflected in, a teeming multitude of little issues. So it is with expropriation without compensation, and it is time to give serious consideration to what this could imply for millions of ordinary people.

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WEBINAR: Is the Expropriation Bill an effective tool for transformation?

In this webinar, we'll look at the significance of the #ExpropriationBill and the changes that should be made to the Bill to ensure equitable access to land.

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Norway’s $1.3trn wealth fund blacklisted companies for ethical misconduct - including Sasol, Glencore - via @biznewsCOM

"Hunger is largely due to poverty and inequality, not scarcity. The decades-long “green revolution” push for industrial agriculture in India has left a harsh legacy of harm for both the ecosystem and smallholder farmers" @USRightToKnow An interesting initiative from the Global Initiative for Open Data on Agriculture and Nutrition. Could this be of value in South Africa?

The open access version:
Losing practices, relationships and agency: ecological deskilling as a consequence of the uptake of modern seed varieties among South African Smallholders

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