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Card image 26 March 2018 Daily Maverick

Op-Ed: A dystopian look at private property relations and expropriation plans in South Africa

The possibility of expropriation without compensation raises important questions around state-planned land reform in South Africa. What will the state exactly do with the possibility to expropriate land and who is deciding on these issues? In the post-apartheid decades, the ANC’s neo-liberal policies formed a wide gap between land reform plans and land reform realities. The policy rhetoric of transformation and redress for past injustices sharply contrasts the experiences and expectations of the majority of South Africans who have been either included in undemocratic ways or excluded from land reform processes altogether. By FEMKE BRANDT.

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Western Cape inclusionary housing policy framework open for comment

We are concerned at reports that @amaBhungane stories have been blocked after being marked as spammy or potentially unsafe by @Twitter. We welcome an open debate the future of energy in South Africa and nobody should take action to restrict access to any coverage of the issue.

If we are looking for the intersection of opportunism and desperation this has to be it.
“Those selling the land of the dead are greedy for money, We grew up knowing that we must respect the dead".

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