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Card image 13 January 2019 BusinessDay

World’s largest wealth manager believes land expropriation will be handled ‘sufficiently well’

Despite lingering doubts over the land reform plan, President Cyril Ramaphosa is seen as a safe pair of hands

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Did you know: In the 2019 report of the Presidential Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture, “whilst we export food, back home 41% of people in rural areas and 59, 4% in urban areas have severely inadequate access to food”

Nonhle Mbuthuma continues to link her community's struggle to save Xolobeni from mining and to reroute the toll road @SANRAL_za insists must subsidise mining to her ancestors' Mpondoland revolt.

A national treasure.

*Please* listen to her @GwedeMantashe1 and @MbalulaFikile!

Transitioning to #agroecology enables communities in #Africa to achieve #foodsovereignty.

#FoodSovereignty is a vehicle to attain affordable local access to healthy, nutritious & diverse foods. It is the surest pathway to food security for #Africans.

#WorldFoodDay #ZeroHunger

Successful activism depends on popular mobilisation but it also requires smart research, astute media relations and well-chosen, well-run legal battles. Activism achieves results, provided it is resolute, intelligent and strategic.

Environmental impacts of maize triangle mechanisation and monoculture cropping plus evidence of climate change. How farming systems need to change. via @mailandguardian

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