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Card image 07 July 2021 Daily Maverick

One step forward, two steps back: ANC’s proposal to amend section 25 of the Constitution

After years of public hearings, multiple debates and several versions of the anticipated amendment to section 25 of the Constitution, the latest proposal by the ANC has left us with more questions than answers.

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Card image 18 June 2021 IOL

MP’s given more time over land expropriation bill as ANC revises its position

THE ad hoc committee on expropriation without compensation decided on Friday to allow the ANC to circulate its revised position on the amendment of the constitution.

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Card image 13 June 2021 BusinessDay

Targeted land redistribution should be considered in expropriation debate

The restitution process is slow, costly and raises expectations that may be difficult to fulfil

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Card image 13 June 2021 PoliticsWeb

State has 9,8m hectares of land under custodianship

DA MP says ANC/EFF pursuit of EWC a dangerous ploy to weaponise the land issue for political power

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Card image 15 June 2021 IOL

Parties disagree over land expropriation bill during Western Cape hearings

During the hearings across the province since Thursday, various groups and individuals, both for and against the bill, used the public hearings to set out their positions on the issue.

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Card image 05 June 2021 News 24

Land expropriation: ANC, EFF drift further apart on Section 25 amendments

The chasm between the ANC and EFF on the amendment to Section 25 of the Constitution appears bigger than ever after President Cyril Ramaphosa dismissed state custodianship of all land.

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Card image 05 June 2021 Daily Maverick

Top 10 sites of State Capture: What the Guptas really cost our country

What is left after the State Capture wrecking ball, after the looting from so many state-owned entities?

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Card image 30 May 2021 Daily Maverick

Down to the wire on land expropriation without compensation — before 10-week recess

A democratic expropriation law is one step closer as countrywide public hearings are concluded and legislators begin deliberations. But the constitutional amendment to make explicit the implicit possibility of expropriation without compensation is coming up against a deadline as the EFF pushes for effective land nationalisation.

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Card image 27 May 2021 BusinessTech

The ‘hidden’ cost of land expropriation for South Africa: Mboweni

Finance minister Tito Mboweni says that the land expropriation without compensation already risks taking a toll on South Africa’s economy because of the current uncertainty around the policy.

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Card image 16 May 2021 Daily Maverick

Amending Constitution’s Section 25 draws to a close — but EFF makes last stand for nationalisation

The clock is ticking toward the end-May deadline for a constitutional amendment to expressly allow land expropriation without compensation. But the EFF is pushing for an expansionary take that other opposition parties say is beyond the mandate of legislators. The ANC is watching.

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