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Card image 13 February 2021 BusinessDay

The cold, cruel reality of the Expropriation Bill

The bill will make certain that foreign investors stay away — and that the ANC, in its current form, will enrich itself at black citizens’ expense

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Card image 11 February 2021 BusinessDay

Why the expropriation bill is needed — and why it is not enough

Property owners always resist measures to alter property relations

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08 February 2021 PoliticsWeb

What did the Land Acts actually say, and what will land reform actually do?

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Card image 05 February 2021 BizNews

understanding the Expropriation Bill

The Expropriation Bill pushes forward an agenda which threatens the country’s future, says Terence Corrigan of the IRR.

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Card image 21 January 2021 BusinessDay

The very real dangers within the Expropriation Bill

The bill has been written as vaguely and broadly as possible — just as the ANC prefers

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Card image 09 January 2021 Moneyweb

ANC sees land-expropriation clause this year

The amendment will contribute to the acceleration of land reform, Ramaphosa said.

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Card image 11 December 2020 IOL

Parliament extends deadline on land expropriation

The process is not finalised and was extended until March next year.

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Card image 13 November 2020 Sabinet

Expropriation Bill referred to the National House of Traditional Leaders

The Expropriation Bill, designed to provide for the expropriation of property for a public purpose or in the public interest, has been referred to the NHTL.

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09 November 2020 Carte Blanche

Expropriation Without Compensation – Unpacking Land Reform Realities

After two years of consultation and thousands of submissions from the public, the long-awaited and highly contested Land Expropriation Bill has finally been gazetted – this as tensions around farm security and access to land continue to deepen. Now it’s up to Parliament to debate the new law that details how and when expropriation can take place. This reform is intended to overturn deep race-based inequalities in land ownership. But in some areas of KwaZulu-Natal, farmers and tenure claimants blame the government for a persistent lack of land reform and volatile friction in the region. Carte Blanche investigates some of the fraught relationships between farmers and residents that land reform is meant to resolve.

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Card image 08 November 2020 BusinessDay

Land issue can do without bad analysis as Expropriation Bill is up to the task

Institute of Race Relations forgets that rehashing ideas doesn’t mean they will be relevant to our present-day situation

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Norway’s $1.3trn wealth fund blacklisted companies for ethical misconduct - including Sasol, Glencore - via @biznewsCOM

"Hunger is largely due to poverty and inequality, not scarcity. The decades-long “green revolution” push for industrial agriculture in India has left a harsh legacy of harm for both the ecosystem and smallholder farmers" @USRightToKnow An interesting initiative from the Global Initiative for Open Data on Agriculture and Nutrition. Could this be of value in South Africa?

The open access version:
Losing practices, relationships and agency: ecological deskilling as a consequence of the uptake of modern seed varieties among South African Smallholders

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