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Card image 15 December 2021 Daily Maverick

The government should establish proper pro-poor land reform

Policy gaps have provided fertile ground for elite capture of land reform, with urban-based business people accessing land ahead of the landless and land-poor.

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Card image 15 December 2021 PoliticsWeb

The Section 25 amendment bill debate: Full transcript

Including Mathole Motshekga's motivation for changing the constitution, and Julius Malema's statement in opposition

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Card image 07 December 2021 News 24

National Assembly fails to pass constitutional amendment to allow land expropriation without compensation

The National Assembly has not passed the amendment to Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation.

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Card image 17 November 2021 IOL

Parliament to consider in December report on land expropriation without compensation

Briefing the National Assembly Programme Committee on Thursday, the institution’s secretary, Masibulele Xaso, said the report was now on the list of items for consideration by the House.

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Card image 22 September 2021 Daily Maverick

Tip-toeing through the South African legal minefield of land expropriation without compensation

Go carefully when venturing into land ‘expropriation without compensation’ territory. You go where angels fear to tread. And be 100% sure you’ve got whatever you want to say absolutely right, or else! Careers are at stake, not to mention the country.

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Card image 22 September 2021 Daily Maverick

Land expropriation debate is used as a tool to score political points among parties

The Trust for Community Outreach and Education, as a land rights-based NGO, welcomed the opportunity to comment on the Expropriation Bill 2020. However, we are doubtful that the amendment to the bill will achieve its proclaimed intentions.

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Card image 20 September 2021 Daily Maverick

South Africa’s ‘dangerous’ land policy under scrutiny in Fraser Institute report

Talk about a bad signal to send to foreign investors. The Fraser Institute’s recently released annual economic freedom report includes an entire chapter titled ‘The Dangers of South Africa’s Proposed Policy of Confiscating Property’.

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Card image 08 August 2021 SowetanLive

Land bill calls for ‘nil compensation’ but it’s unlikely to be passed

The Constitution Eighteenth Amendment Bill is unlikely to pass through the National Assembly as the ANC does not have enough seats to attain the required two-thirds majority.

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Card image 03 September 2021 News 24

Land expropriation: ‘Historic day’ as ad hoc committee adopts Section 25 amendment bill

The ad hoc committee on Section 25 adopted a bill to amend the Constitution to allow expropriation without compensation with only ANC MPs voting in its favour.

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Card image 04 September 2021 SowetanLive

Parliamentary committee on land expropriation wraps up its work

The expropriation of land without compensation is one step closer after the parliamentary land expropriation committee adopted the bill that will amend the constitution that will provide for this.

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