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Land ownership

Card image 26 March 2021 The Citizen

Government ‘unable’ to run land reform – experts

Is the government capable of running land reform? Many experts think it's fallen prey to corruption and cadre deployment.

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Card image 12 March 2021 SANews

Five million hectares acquired since inception of land reform

Ever since its inception, the land reform programme has been impactful in breaking down the patterns of land ownership and since its inception, government has managed to acquire five million hectares of land.

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Card image 10 November 2020 IOL

Didiza wants corrupt officials accused of evicting emerging farmers and taking bribes to face law

Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development Minister Thoko Didiza is clamping down on corrupt officials who are allegedly evicting emerging farmers and taking bribes from them.

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Card image 07 October 2020 BusinessDay

Farmland plan keeps the state as the land owner

Land redistributed through the plan would remain in the hands of the state — as it does now — for three decades

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Card image 28 September 2020 Daily Maverick

Land rights: Apartheid still haunts South Africa

In spite of the Constitution’s promise, post-apartheid policy and legislation have generally endorsed apartheid legacies of economic and social exclusion, resulting in deep economic inequalities, social discontent, and at times violent manifestations of frustration by community members.

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Card image 27 September 2020 DispatchLive

Celebrating South Africa’s heritage incomplete until land issue is resolved

In September we witness how our citizens, more than any other time of the year, declare how “proudly South African” they are because it is Heritage Month

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Card image 15 September 2020 Daily Maverick

The Lie of 1652: A decolonised history of land

This radical critique of established pre­colonial and colonial history retells the story of dispossession, the destruction of livelihoods and the brutality of slavery in South Africa. Characters such as Autshumao, Krotoa and Doman come to life in the story of the founding of a port at Cape Town. Mellet debunks the ‘empty ­land’ myth and claims of a ‘Bantu invasion’, while outlining more than 220 years of war and resistance. ‘The Lie of 1652’ is published by Tafelberg.

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Card image 19 July 2020 IOL

Concern over delays in reopening Cape title deeds office

Cape Town’s property market could be heading for a downward spiral if the national government fails to open the title deeds office.

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Card image 19 January 2020 BusinessDay

State drags its feet over land sale to Limpopo farmer

The government wants David Rakgase to pay a price that is allegedly nine times what the court ordered

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Card image 15 January 2020 City Press

Bantustan Act threatens hard-won property rights for rural dwellers

Once again, traditional leadership in South Africa is being tested as the proposed legislation seeks to perpetuate rural dwellers’ insecurity of land rights.

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