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Card image 28 June 2022 IOL

Nearly 7 000 land claims still outstanding, according to Commission on Restitution of Land Rights

There are still more than 160 000 land claims lodged between 2014 and 2016 that are yet to be processed after the commission was interdicted in 2019 by the Constitutional Court.

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18 May 2022 Food for Mzansi

Sabotage’ brings successful land reform farm to its knees

The Mamphodo Mushasha Begwa Community Property Association (CPA) - one of Mzansi’s most successful land reform stories - have been

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Card image 26 January 2022 Daily Maverick

Oldest District Six land claimant Aunty Shariefa Khan dies before finally getting chance to move back home

The 100-year-old passed away on Wednesday morning with her wish of returning to her once-beloved community left unfulfilled.

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Card image 18 January 2022 GroundUp

Half-a-century later, these apartheid victims have got their land back

Removed in the 1960s, the Bakubang clan have finalised the list of beneficiaries of their land claim

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Card image 10 January 2022 Daily Maverick

Yet more disappointment for District Six claimants as ‘safety hazards’ delay long-awaited return

As 2022 kicks off, claimants from District Six are still in the dark about when they can return to their beloved area. The latest delay concerns the issuing of occupancy certificates, which means the claimants cannot move into their new units.

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Card image 13 December 2021 Masifundise

Justice for the Vaaplaas community

On Saturday, 11 December 2021 the Vaalplaas community of Paternoster received their long-awaited title deed handover.

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Card image 28 November 2021 IOL

Claimants dying off before ever returning to District Six

TWENTY-six years later and District Six claimants land restitution is frustrated by endless red tape and empty promises.

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Card image 19 October 2021 IOL

R2.1bn spent on land claims as at March 2021

The Land Claims Commission has settled a total of 324 land claims and also finalised 384 as at the end of March.

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Card image 16 September 2021 IOL

Plan to resettle District Six claimants plods along

The standing committee on human settlements met virtually to discuss various communication strategies for the District Six Land Restitution public participation process.

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Card image 19 September 2021 IOL

We might die before moving back to District Six says frustrated claimant

AN 82-year-old District Six claimant fears that she might die before she moves back home to District Six as the restitution project is marred by more delays.

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