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Urban land

Card image 29 April 2024 Daily Maverick

State vehicles in central Cape Town occupy space that could be used for housing

There is no reason to use highly desirable land in the middle of the city to store government vehicles when the same land could be used to genuinely serve the people of Cape Town.

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Card image 29 April 2024 GroundUp

Housing activists confront Western Cape Premier at coffee shop

Campaigners want government car parks developed for affordable inner city housing

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Card image 28 April 2024 Daily Maverick

Scorpions sting hard on Vaal sewage leaks after record R150m fine — but why no action elsewhere?

The Green Scorpions have struck again, securing a record R150m fine and criminal court conviction against a local municipality caught fouling the Vaal River, residential areas and farming land with untreated sewage flows.

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Card image 16 April 2024 GroundUp

Tshwane shack dwellers say extortion gangs make them pay for water

Municipality says it’s unaware of this

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Card image 16 April 2024 Daily Maverick

Cape Town housing beneficiaries despair as violent extortionists delay projects

Housing projects for nearly 19,000 beneficiaries from impoverished communities in the Western Cape have been halted because of extortion, ongoing threats and violence, including the murder of a City of Cape Town official at one of these sites.

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Card image 28 March 2024 African Arguments

South Africa’s energy crisis is driving a “solar boom”, but there’s a downside

The quintupling of rooftop solar capacity in 2 years has taken some pressure of the grid in South Africa but risks deepening energy apartheid

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Card image 21 March 2024 Daily Maverick

KZN flood victims could hold fossil fuel companies legally accountable for devastation, report finds

There are 60 litigation cases against carbon majors around the world. Most of these cases have been in the United States, none consisting of African claimants against carbon majors — neither in African nor foreign courts. KwaZulu-Natal flood victims could pursue a legal claim for damages and potentially be the first on the continent to do so, a report by the Centre for Environmental Rights has found.

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Card image 19 March 2024 Daily Maverick

Budget cuts dampen Cape Town’s river rehabilitation, with key projects delayed for 10 years

Cape Town’s urban landscape has been transforming as the city rehabilitates its waterways through its Liveable Urban Waterways programme. But recent decisions have prompted 10-year delays in key river projects, despite millions already spent on design and technical planning.

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Card image 20 March 2024 GroundUp

Hundreds of people stake out plots for houses on empty land in Nelson Mandela Bay

Municipality says it will move against them

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Card image 18 March 2024 Daily Maverick

SA faces serious human health risks if we continue discharging toxic sewage into waterways

South Africa produces over seven billion litres of sewage daily, with about 90% of that being released to rivers and the ocean in a partially treated format. It’s driving major change to our aquatic ecosystems including the acceleration of the process of enrichment, eutrophication.

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