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It is not just the government that has failed. Mining companies have usurped land belonging to rural communities without due regard for their property rights. @LandRightsNow @KnowledgebaseL @PresidencyZA

It is not enough to simply open up data. “Publish and they will come” does not work. Data needs to be used and serve a specific purpose. @naticarfi #OpenGovWeek #LandModule
@opendatacharter @databarometer @opengovpart

"[BR]OTHER is a visual record of the #xenophobic violence that has swept through South Africa over the past decade. In documenting these events, the book aims to raise #awareness of the dangers that lie in #discrimination and indifference"

I have concluded that there will be no real pressure on governments to seriously tackle the #ClimateEmergency until we are all terrified.

We are simply not sh*t scared enough - yet.

#climate @XRebellionUK @XrRebel @ScientistsX @JustStop_Oil @InsulateLove @ScientistsRebel

Breaking News! CO₂ recorded above 422 ppm at Mauna Loa for only the second time in history. We are living in an era when extraordinary climate news becomes the baseline over and over again.

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