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In short, we face a simple choice: Internationalism or Extinction. Either we form a common front to reclaim the world from this tiny set of oligarchs and dictators. Or they will continue to amass wealth and power, as the world burns outside their window.

Caring for the elderly during lockdown was ‘wasteful expenditure’, says Eastern Cape social development department. Funding this corrupted state with citizen’s taxes may be the real waste.

A Los Angeles architect suggests that the solution to the city’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis might lie on the 18th green: Redevelop the golf courses

Groundbreaking court judgment on mining and community rights.

This week another 15 environmental justice activists started the 2020 Environmental Rights & Remedies Course for Activists. Unlike previous courses, this course is virtual – opening the door to reaching more activists across the country. Read more👉

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