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Card image 01 June 2021 GroundUp

UCT comes to defence of professor accused of racism

Battle over the future of the River Club has become extremely nasty

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Card image 04 June 2021 GroundUp

City of Cape Town to evict dozens of Observatory residents

The Willow Arts Collective had been hoping to lease land from the City

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Card image 07 June 2021 GroundUp

Activist accused of harassment agrees to apologise to Robertson farmers

Farmer says in court papers he may have suffered “economic harm” because of the activist

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Card image 04 June 2021 GroundUp

Cape Town golf clubs may be turned into housing – City documents

Activists welcome possible change of policy

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Card image 04 June 2021 The elephant

Rights Violations in Isiolo International Airport Land Expropriation

The Land Value Act does not make provision for the valuation of communal land in a manner that reflects the social-economic practices of the drylands communities.

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Card image 03 June 2021 News 24

We are going through a crisis’ but it can be solved – King Misuzulu on feuds in Zulu royal family

New amaZulu King Misuzulu KaZwelithini has admitted his family is going through a crisis, but says they can get through it.

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Card image 04 June 2021 IOL

Dido Valley houses to redress apartheid forced removals

One hundred land claimants are set to benefit from the City’s flagship Dido Valley subsidised housing project in Simon’s Town.

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Card image 05 June 2021 News 24

Land expropriation: ANC, EFF drift further apart on Section 25 amendments

The chasm between the ANC and EFF on the amendment to Section 25 of the Constitution appears bigger than ever after President Cyril Ramaphosa dismissed state custodianship of all land.

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Card image 05 June 2021 Daily Maverick

Top 10 sites of State Capture: What the Guptas really cost our country

What is left after the State Capture wrecking ball, after the looting from so many state-owned entities?

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Card image 07 June 2021 BusinessTech

Delay to South Africa’s land expropriation plan brings its own set of problems

South Africa continues to face uncertainty around the issue of land expropriation without compensation, with clarity around the issue now only expected towards the end of the year.

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OP-ED: Foot-dragging on land reform and hiding behind legal machinations is getting us nowhere, fast

LARC lead land researcher @zenandebooi interviewed by @eNCA on the victory of rural citizens alongside @RWMKZNSA @CASACZA & @LRCSouthAfrica against the lease policy forcifully implemented by the Ingonyama Trust Board which administers 2.8 million ha of Land in KZN.

This Land@ThisLand_Doc

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