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Card image 09 August 2022 New York Times

New laws of the land: Sierra Leone reshapes environmental battleground

The West African nation will let communities veto mining, farming and industrial projects. Activists say the legislation is a progressive landmark. At least one investor calls it unworkable.

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12 August 2022 ACSS

Illegal Logging in Africa and Its Security Implications

Illegal logging is a growing feature of transnational organized crime in Africa with far-reaching security and environmental implications.

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Card image 15 August 2022 GroundUp

Small scale fishers call for halt to gas and oil exploration

“When foreign companies drill oil in our oceans, fish die”

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Card image 16 August 2022 GroundUp

Mining-affected communities protest outside Parliament demanding greater development

Activists from across South Africa have called on mining firms to adequately help the communities that host them.

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Card image 16 August 2022 Daily Maverick

South Africa’s framework for a just transition fails to recognise the climate emergency

For almost three decades the ANC government failed to address the legacies of apartheid. We certainly do not expect it to rise to the challenge of ensuring a deep and transformative just transition, informed by climate justice.

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Card image 15 August 2022 Bizcommunity

South Africa doesn’t need new cities: it needs to focus on fixing what it’s got

South Africa is a dominantly urban country, with almost 70% of the population living in cities and towns...

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Card image 15 August 2022 Farmer’s Weekly

Is SA’s rural economy on the road to ruin?

Dilapidated country roads are a direct threat to South Africa’s agricultural and rural economies, yet farmers and communities have largely encountered a wall of indifference from government.

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15 August 2022 IOL

Why the dream for the return of the land has yet to be realised – Ngcukaitobi

Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi said more than 27 years after the creation of the new dispensation in South Africa, the dream for the return of the land has yet to be realised. Instead, it has become a shattered dream.

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16 August 2022 Soni Hoit

Democratic Republic of Congo to sell drilling rights to Congo Basin: What does this mean for Climate Summits?

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has announced plans to auction off drilling rights to oil and gas companies in the Congo Basin, a decision that threatens global climate targets and marks…

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Card image 08 August 2022 GroundUp

City of Joburg demolished Mama Fifi’s urban farm, but she’s determined to start again

June demolition of Bertrams Urban Farm, running for 16 years, disrupted dozens of feeding schemes

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#LandConference Dineo Skosana illuminates the trauma and spiritual insecurity associated with exhumation and reburial to make way for mining activities. Mining leads to the dispossession both the living and the dead.

#landconference Dineo Skosana focuses on coal mining in KZN at Somkhele.
Dispossession is not a historic phenomenon - a product of apartheid, but is a continuous experience for mining affected communities - combining both tangible and intangible losses including ancestral graves

Grace Maledu's message to government: 1. stop prioritising traditional leaders 2. visit our villages to see how we are living 3. restore our forefathers' properties to us. Think about us - we elected you and are disappointed! #LandConference

Grace Maledu speaking powerfully at the #LandConference. "What am I going to benefit after they have removed the minerals from our country? We are born and are going to die being black. Let’s not hesitate to come forward and battle for our future, for our children."

#Landconference Important questions (and frustrations) raised about how the power to define has been appropriated and continues to be exercised from above. Even the rural village has been recast as a European construct with its roots in colonial and apartheid betterment planning.

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