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Card image 01 December 2022 Botswana Guardian

Public outcry over exorbitant land charges

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Card image 30 November 2022 Carbon brief

Intensive, lower-carbon animal farming could raise pandemic risks

Agriculture has a huge impact on the environment. Food production takes up more than one-third...

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Card image 28 November 2022 EABWNews

AU Summit Showcases Common African Agro-Parks

The African Union Members States, the Regional Economic Communities, the United Nations (FAO, UNIDO, ECA), and Development Partners converged to discuss the implementation and financing modalities for the establishment of the Common African Agro-Parks (CAAPs)

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Card image 01 December 2022 GroundUp

Spread of swine fever blamed on poor farming

This infectious disease has hit the pockets of many families in Nelson Mandela Bay who rely on pigs to generate an income

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Card image 26 November 2022 Daily Maverick

B(l)ooming ecological crime ravaging SA exposed after three Saudi Arabians caught stealing 1.6m seeds and flora

The case is yet another matter pointing to a time-sensitive crime crisis ravaging critical ecosystems in South Africa. Prosecuting authorities have warned that criminals targeting plants pose an immense and potentially irreversible problem. Some plants, like succulents, that are stolen and retrieved by police cannot simply be returned to the wild.

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Card image 29 November 2022 Mail & Guardian

A shift to whole grain food would reduce malnutrition and diseases

Refining wheat, maize and rice removes their nutritional value, which contributes to preventable diseases such as strokes, diabetes and obesity

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Card image 28 November 2022 Daily Maverick

Tongaat Hulett’s woes expose fragility of smallholder farmers in southern Africa

The sugar giant’s threat of closure not only risks thousands of jobs, but leaves a diabetic hole in land tenure, environmental rehabilitation and food security for host communities to resolve. It urgently highlights the need for tighter regulations governing large-scale land-based investments.

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Card image 29 November 2022 Daily Maverick

Bad to worse — massive gap in rightful housing and basic service delivery for Joburg’s inner city low-income residents

Housing shortages are one of the biggest problems faced by the underprivileged in Johannesburg — fuelled by rapid population growth. The City of Johannesburg is facing a 500,000-strong housing backlog, with at least 100,000 people living homeless and 134 buildings illegally occupied, according to the city’s last count five years ago.

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Card image 30 November 2022 Daily Maverick

Seeds of change – the politics of food gardens, from the Bronx to Mzansi

Karen Washington is a food justice activist and community organiser best known for helping to start food gardens in New York City’s Bronx neighbourhood. She coined the term ‘food apartheid’ to describe neighbourhoods – like many in South Africa – without access to healthy food to reveal the intersections of food, race, demographics and socioeconomics. Washington recently spoke to community gardeners in Mamelodi northeast of Pretoria. This is an edited excerpt from her speech, as told to Laura Lopez Gonzalez.

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Card image 29 November 2022 BBC

Kenyan court halts lifting of GM crops ban

A Kenyan court has temporarily suspended the government's decision to lift a ban on the importation and distribution of genetically modified (GM) crops and animal feeds, according to local media reports. It follows a lawsuit lodged by a lobby group representing peasant farmers - the Kenyan Peasan

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Card image 27 November 2022 PoliticsWeb

75% of land reform farms have failed – Noko Masipa

397/529 PLAS farms are either operating at subsistence level or are not productive at all

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Card image 28 November 2022 News 24

Turning a problem into a solution: How human and organic waste is sustaining livelihoods in Africa

In South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, human and organic waste are used to sustain food security and, by extension, create jobs.

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