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Card image 03 July 2024 Witness radio

Sexual violence as a tool to grab land

By Witness Radio team. When the industrial agriculture investor Agilis Partners Limited targeted the communities’ land for its investments in the Kiryandongo district in 2017, the poor residents never knew that the company had employed several tactics to force them (indigenous & local communities) off their land. One of them was sexual violence. Sexual violence […]

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Card image 17 June 2024 IPS

Land Grabs Squeeze Rural Poor Worldwide

Since 2008, farmland acquisitions have doubled prices worldwide, squeezing family farmers and other poor rural communities. Such land grabs are worsening inequality, poverty, and food insecurity. Squeezing land and farmers A new IPES-Food report highlights land grabs (including for ostensibly ‘green’ purposes), the financial means used, and some significant implications. Powerful governments, financiers, speculators, and …

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03 July 2024 Daily Maverick

Zimbabwe’s sovereign wealth fund paid ‘grossly inflated’ $1.6bn for shares in mining house

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07 July 2024 Daily Maverick

How a botched elephant translocation in Malawi unleashed a landscape of fear and loathing

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Card image 25 June 2024 The Conversation

Lake Victoria: why so many fishers are dying and what can be done about it

A new study into drownings of small-scale fishers on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria has found that extreme weather and boat owners’ failure to provide life jackets are causes.

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Card image 30 June 2024 The Conversation

Why liberation movements fail when they come to power: South Africa and Namibia are cases in point

Liberation was meant to deliver significant change, for the better. But South Africa and Namibia show that the new elites that took power exercised it for their own benefit.

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Card image 20 June 2024 Al Jazeera

All hail the planet

A 10-part series exploring the social, economic and political barriers to meaningful global climate action.

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Card image 21 June 2024 Al Jazeera

Four in five people want more climate action, UN poll finds

Biggest survey of its kind polled 75,000, finding that majority want quick transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

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Card image 29 May 2024 Source Material

‘Saviour of carbon markets’ faces questions over African land rights

Carbon Done Right strikes a controversial offsetting deal in Sierra Leone

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Card image 18 June 2024 Daily Maverick

Inequality – the real challenge that lies ahead in an increasingly unequal world

There are three fundamental threats to any democracy, especially ours. The first is the tolerance of poverty, the second is the quest for certainty, and the third is a decline in the belief that losers stand a chance of winning again. And they all interact in ways that can become dangerously reinforcing.

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