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Food security

Card image 07 September 2023 GroundUp

Half a cabbage is a meal for seven people as hunger grips the Eastern Cape

Gift of the Givers says it’s inundated with calls for help

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Card image 02 September 2023 Nation

Why African smallholder farmers reject AGRA’s Dar food forum

More than 80 per cent of households in the Kenyan highlands were using hybrid seeds from formal sources by the late 2000s

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Card image 30 August 2023 ZANews

Blended finance fund to assist farmers alleviate energy challenges

The ongoing load shedding in South Africa has become a serious constraint on growth and profitability for various sectors, including agriculture.

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Card image 24 August 2023 Daily Maverick

The powerlessness of a mother to protect her children from starvation is a soul-destroying, quiet violence

To assume that Bongeka Buso ended the lives of her three children before hanging herself ‘because’ she is mentally unstable glosses over the complex interplay of personal and social-political forces that leave people in a state of neglect with little or no resources to allow them to reclaim their sense of human dignity.

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Card image 26 August 2023 Food for Mzansi

Farmers’ plea: ‘Land without water is fruitless’

Land and water are inextricably linked and will always be on top of the agricultural agenda. With World Water Week drawing to a close, farmers are asking the government to improve access to good qu…

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Card image 23 August 2023 Daily Maverick

Rapidly worsening ecological condition of South Africa’s dams will likely eclipse rolling blackouts

In the absence of a well-funded, properly informed and cohesive strategic plan for South African reservoir limnology, misinformation will remain a problem, old findings will be ‘rediscovered’, and resort will be made to outdated technologies.

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Card image 22 August 2023 African Arguments

The climate future is here, and it looks like this proud commune in S Africa

With its solar power, urban farms, and radical grassroots democracy, eKhenana provides an impressive model for a sustainable climate future.

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Card image 07 August 2023 SABC News

Experts predict SA will face similar heatwaves as Europe due to climate modelling

While Europe is suffering heatwave upon heatwave, experts warn that similar extreme weather events will also hit South Africa in the next six months.

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Card image 15 August 2023 Daily Maverick

Small-scale fishers struggle to survive while facing a litany of regulations

Fishers have grouped themselves into cooperatives in the hopes of being recognised, but they still face exclusion and marginalisation in SA’s fishing and food industry.

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Card image 15 August 2023 Daily Maverick

Do the maths, stupid — cost of hunger is far greater than the cost of solving it

South Africa must be one of the few countries in the world that both recognises the human right to sufficient food and allows millions of its children to feel hunger — and some to starve — within smelling distance of shops stocked well with food.

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