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Food security

Card image 24 January 2023 GroundUp

Perlemoen farm gives hope to West Coast community

Doring Bay Abalone, 37% owned by the community, produces about 60 tonnes of abalone per year, mostly to legally export to China.

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Card image 23 January 2023 Engineering News

Agbiz calls for less loadshedding in areas under irrigation

Business organisation the Agricultural Business Chamber of South Africa (Agbiz) has urged for less loadshedding in areas under irrigation and food-processing facilities. In crucial field crops, roughly 20% of maize, 15% of soybean, 34% of sugarcane and nearly half of the wheat production are produced under irrigation and these face severe challenges owing to persistently hot and dry conditions, coupled with constrained ability to irrigate. Fruits and vegetables also heavily rely on irrigation, and thus face similar challenges.

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16 January 2023 IOL

Food and energy security are joined at a fractured hip

One-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions result from food and agriculture.

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Card image 16 January 2023 Moneyweb

SA farming: 6 things that need urgent attention in 2023

Unless these are addressed, our agricultural sector won’t achieve its potential growth and job creation prospects.

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Card image 16 January 2023 The Citizen

Load shedding threatening food security in SA

Thokozile Didiza has expressed deep concerns about the impact of load shedding in agriculture and agribusinesses in the country.

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Card image 22 December 2022 Daily Maverick

Karpowership’s environmental hazards controversially reduced in new EIA specs

The revisions appear to have lowered several of the predicted risk profiles for harbour workers should fires or explosions break out accidentally around the proposed gas-to-power ships and pipelines in Richards Bay, Ngqura or Saldanha Bay.

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Card image 06 December 2022 Daily Maverick

State urged to implement agroecology programme ‘as a guiding framework for SA’s food system’

Agroecology has the potential to uplift South Africa’s food system, yet there is no government programme for it, according to those who work in the sector.

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Card image 01 December 2022 GroundUp

Spread of swine fever blamed on poor farming

This infectious disease has hit the pockets of many families in Nelson Mandela Bay who rely on pigs to generate an income

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Card image 29 November 2022 Mail & Guardian

A shift to whole grain food would reduce malnutrition and diseases

Refining wheat, maize and rice removes their nutritional value, which contributes to preventable diseases such as strokes, diabetes and obesity

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Card image 30 November 2022 Daily Maverick

Seeds of change – the politics of food gardens, from the Bronx to Mzansi

Karen Washington is a food justice activist and community organiser best known for helping to start food gardens in New York City’s Bronx neighbourhood. She coined the term ‘food apartheid’ to describe neighbourhoods – like many in South Africa – without access to healthy food to reveal the intersections of food, race, demographics and socioeconomics. Washington recently spoke to community gardeners in Mamelodi northeast of Pretoria. This is an edited excerpt from her speech, as told to Laura Lopez Gonzalez.

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Botswana's Bushmen community has been the victim of forceful evictions and discriminatory harassment.

Renewable energy worldwide is now cheaper per MWh than fossil fuels, especially in Africa given their favorable geographic situation. Much like the tobacco industry, when polluting and dangerous fossil fuels are pushed out of Europe & the US, they push their products on Africa.

Activist @BarigyeBob1 is yet to be released two days after being arrested for organising a debate on the environmental, human rights and economic impact of the controversial #EACOP. We demand his immediate release! See press statement ~>

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