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Food security

14 May 2023 IOL

ed meat sector faces ‘state of disaster’ due to lack of animal vaccines

Onderstepoort Biological Products confirmed that it had for some time been unable to produce sufficient vaccines.

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Card image 15 May 2023 ENCA

Government to help farmers invest in alternative energy

Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development Minister, Thoko Didiza has announced an Agro-Energy Fund to the tune of R2,5-billion.

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Card image 11 May 2023 Daily Maverick

Drowning in hunger and despair – food insecurity in a small Western Cape railway town

The burden of hunger in Touws River is heavy, as a recent ‘learning journey’ revealed. Understanding how the local food systems work is crucial to stemming further socioeconomic breakdown in this and other small rural towns.

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Card image 08 May 2023 Daily Maverick

El Nino looms

We’ve enjoyed three years of plentiful rains and bumper grain harvests, thanks to a La Niña in the Pacific. But that’s all likely to change soon, with unhappy consequences for local food prices.

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Card image 18 April 2023 The Conversation

Feeding Africa: How small-scale irrigation can help farmers to change the game

The relationship between small-scale irrigation and food security, diet quality, and nutrition is growing.

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Card image 23 April 2023 Daily Maverick

The emerging food barons – what’s up with the soaring prices in SA and the UK?

Food inflation remains on a worrying upward trajectory, with SA and UK food inflation running at about double the rate of their headline inflation rates. That’s completely at odds with the steady decline in global food prices since March last year. We look into what could be contributing to this fundamental disconnect.

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Card image 21 April 2023 GroundUp

Is our food becoming less nutritious? Probably

But solutions are not at all simple

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Card image 20 February 2023 Daily Maverick

Farmers may get tax breaks for solar electricity generation to ease food price inflation

Blackouts’ disruption of agriculture is fuelling the fire of food inflation, as the president admitted in his Sona speech. Now sources say the National Budget will give farms incentives to generate their own power.

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Card image 13 February 2023 Daily Maverick

South Africa reports progress in limiting antibiotic use in animal farming

Globally, the overuse and misuse of drugs – especially antibiotics – in the food chain and in the pollution from livestock farming (spills of manure and other waste into soil and waterways), is a major contributor to the rapid rise of superbugs. How big a problem is antibiotic use in animal farming in South Africa?

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Card image 01 February 2023 GroundUp

Final decisions on fishing rights only in October

Many fishers will be left stranded for months while waiting

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