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Food security

Card image 05 February 2024 GroundUp

Fishing companies take Creecy to court over quotas

Fishing Rights Allocation Process was “rushed and haphazardly allocated” says lawyer for fishers

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Card image 02 February 0204 Food for Mzansi

Eastern Cape: Unlocking the agri potential of the land of legends

While legendary figures hail from the Eastern Cape and its agricultural wealth is vast, poverty and unemployment cast a long shadow. Can the “land of the legends” unlock its full potent…

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Card image 31 January 2024 PoliticsWeb

Farmers losing millions of rands in fresh produce due to Joburg Market’s broken cold storage units

One trader has an R6m claim against the City lost produce and is not sure when or if this will ever be paid out

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Card image 23 January 2024 BusinessDay

How SA’s agricultural sector is performing 30 years into democracy

Despite increasing production and job growth, we cannot be complacent about the dualism

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Card image 10 January 2024 CarbonBrief

Analysis: The climate papers most featured in the media in 2023

Using Altmetric data, Carbon Brief has compiled a list of the 25 most talked-about climate-related papers that were published in 2023.

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Card image 19 January 2024 The Conversation

Healthy food is hard to come by in Cape Town’s poorer areas: how community gardens can fix that

In 1950, as part of the Group Areas Act, South Africa’s apartheid government banished people of colour to outlying areas, away from central business districts. The Cape Flats are one such area, sprawling to the east of central Cape Town, writes Tinashe P. Kanosvamhira, University of Cape Town.

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Card image 14 January 2024 The Conversation

60% of Africa’s food is based on wheat, rice and maize – the continent’s crop treasure trove is being neglected

Just three plant species – wheat, maize and rice – account for 60% of all food eaten globally. A crop science expert argues that many of Africa’s 30,000 edible plants must be revived.

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Card image 10 January 2024 African Arguments

COP28 just about put food systems on the climate agenda. Now we build

Though the long overdue focus on food and agriculture at COP28 ultimately disappointed, it provides a starting point for future action.

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Card image 17 December 2023 Daily Maverick

Government releases ‘draft strategy’ to reduce food losses and waste

Just in time for COP28’s emphasis on the huge role of food systems in the climate crisis, a ‘strategy’ from South Africa’s environment ministry outlines a long-overdue plan to reduce food losses and waste, which contribute 10% of all global emissions. Critics applaud the plan’s collaborative spirit, but say it should impose tougher measures, with greater urgency.

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Card image 21 November 2023 GroundUp

Small farmers celebrate victory outside Cape High Court

Housing Development Agency agrees to drop eviction proceedings

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