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Land policy

Card image 12 April 2021 BusinessDay

Political rhetoric to speed up land reform is not matched by action

We cannot afford decline and regression in redistributing land, yet this seems to be where we are heading

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Card image 09 April 2021 BusinessTech

South Africa to set up new land court – which will allow ‘hearsay’ evidence on land claims

A draft copy of the new Land Court Bill has been published, detailing the government’s plans to establish a specialist Land Court as well as a Land Court of Appeal.

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Card image 06 April 2021 Farmer’s Weekly

We know how to fix land reform, so why don’t we?

You might have read, in media reports that have been circulating on social media these past few weeks, about the case of Western Cape farmer Ivan Cloete, a land reform beneficiary who was facing eviction from a farm he was previously granted access to by the state.

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Card image 24 March 2021 BusinessDay

Cruel land policy echoes apartheid practices

The hostility to private ownership will have severe consequences for aspirant black homeowners and farmers

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14 February 2021 Food for Mzansi

Ramaphosa: A trail of breadcrumbs on agriculture’s future

Political journalist Jan-Jan Joubert believes Ramaphosa's SONA provides a number of important policy-pointers.

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Card image 26 January 2021 Daily Maverick

Beacon of democracy: Building a new consensus in South Africa means imagining a new way of doing things

South Africa now faces a resource squeeze, where dwindling public revenue, expanding public spending and a stagnant private sector have created an unsustainable state wherein the national democratic project is at risk. The quest for socioeconomic transformation is urgent.

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Card image 24 January 2021 BusinessDay

Agriculture has blossomed without much support from government

Production has soared since 1994 despite government inefficiencies, delays and failures

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Card image 25 January 2021 IOL

ANC lekgotla focuses on Covid-19, land and local elections

The ANC lekgotla concluded with a range of resolutions, chief among them being SA’s need for an effective mechanism to deal with Covid-19 and the devastation it has caused.

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Card image 14 January 2021 BusinessDay

Minister pays tribute to agriculture policy doyen Mohammad Karaan

The Stellenbosch University professor has been remembered as a visionary leader

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Card image 17 January 2021 Daily Maverick

Agricultural transformation and land reform have lost a policy heavyweight

On 13 January 2021, we lost a very good friend, and the country lost one of its pre-eminent policy advisers in the fields of agricultural development and land reform, yet another victim of the Covid-19 scourge. Mohammad Karaan was one of those rare policy advisers who combined practical experience with academic excellence.

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