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Land policy

Card image 23 January 2022 Moneyweb

South African farming: new policy offers promise

But there’s fixing to be done too.

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Card image 13 January 2022 BusinessTech

Property law changes planned for 2022

The issue of land and property is expected to dominate South African conversation again in 2022 as the ruling African National Congress moves forward with its plans for land expropriation without compensation.

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Card image 06 January 2022 Daily Maverick

The quest for land is a struggle for the soul of South Africa

Land restitution is a national imperative that must be pursued until justice is served. Those who believe in fighting for the soul of their motherland must stand up to the unholy coalition of the right-wing and self-proclaimed left-wing forces who ganged up against the constitutional amendment which sought to return the land to its rightful African owners.

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Card image 08 January 2022 Mail & Guardian

The ANC’s inertia on land could be the betrayal of its founding principles

The party’s founders focused it’s mission on the problem of the day – land – which remains a central issue. Yet, since 1994, the ANC has been hesitant and timid in resolving the land question.

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Card image 24 November 2021 Business Day

New agriculture DG must ensure department’s plans reach fruition

It is crucial that initiatives with the private sector and other industry organisations are implemented as soon as possible

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Card image 14 October 2021 Food for Mzansi

Didiza: Masterplan must not end up in libraries

It is imperative that the national Agriculture and Agro-Processing Master Plan provide targeted support to farmers of all types and sizes in South Africa. It should also ensure that poorly developed agricultural areas become attractive to public and private investors.

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Card image 15 October 2021 Farmers Review Africa

Challenges impacting rural women and their participation in land reform

Land Reform ,rural women ,women in agriculture ,By Peter Setou, Chief Executive of the Vumelana Advisory Fund

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Card image 13 October 2021 BusinessDay

A call for business restitution

Unlike charity, a restitution process is highly relational, potentially costly, and long-term — it should affect a firm’s bottom line

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Card image 03 August 2021 The Conversation

How a Land Reform Agency Could Break South Africa’s Land Redistribution Deadlock

An agency could accelerate land reform by removing the process from political and bureaucratic control.

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Card image 14 October 2021 Daily Maverick

Land ownership in South Africa remains a contentious issue — while calls for redistribution grow louder

The Constitution must deliver on its redistributive dimension — and be claimed not as a liberal document, but a liberating one, said advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi SC at the Social Justice Summit’s land reform, property rights and asset distribution discussions.

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