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Rural development

Card image 23 February 2023 GroundUp

Budget: Decision not to raise the sugar tax “puts profits ahead of people” say activists

“Difficult operating environment for the sugar industry” cited by Finance Minister as reason

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Card image 19 February 2023 Daily Maverick

Floods wreak havoc on Eastern Cape after weekend of torrential rain

The body of a six-year-old was recovered on Sunday afternoon while workers are still searching for his mother and his four-year-old sister. Another two boys are missing but presumed drowned after devastating floods ripped through Coffee Bay on the Wild Coast.

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Card image 21 February 2023 Daily Maverick

More shocking animal abuse horrors at Gupta-linked Vrede dairy farm

As the trial against those accused of corruption linked to the Gupta-owned firm Estina and the Vrede dairy farm project grinds on, cattle on the farm have been found by the NSPCA to be starving, without water and in shocking condition.

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Card image 30 January 2023 Daily Maverick

Vrede Dairy Project: More Free State government officials take stand in Gupta-linked corruption trial

The first State Capture trial has entered its second week. Officials from the Free State Agriculture and Rural Development Department have made up the majority of the witnesses.

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Card image 12 January 2023 Engineering News

The National Wetland Management Framework (NWMF) for South Africa

The Importance of Wetlands (Showroom): According to the US: PEA (2020), wetlands are considered one of the world’s most productive ecosystems, which is even on par with rainforests. Wetlands are referred to as ‘biological supermarkets’ due to their ability to provide various foods to several different fauna. Furthermore, wetlands act as a refuge to a diverse range of flora and fauna (e.g: mammals, insects, fish, amphibians and birds). Wetlands contain imperative ecological infrastructure which ...

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Card image 13 December 2022 Farmer’s Weekly

What does the future hold for agricolleges?

Education is vital to the transformation of South Africa’s agriculture industry, as well as the country’s economic growth. However, many agricultural colleges are in disarray. Magda du Toit reports on this crucial issue.

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Card image 08 December 2022 Biofin

Managing communal land as a resource in South Africa

By Mafela Simon, Secretary of Tshivhula Communal Property Association, South Africa

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Card image 25 November 2022 The conversation

South Africa’s small-scale fishers have been marginalised since apartheid – what needs to change

South Africa’s policies need to do more to protect vulnerable and marginalised small-scale fishers and fishing communities.

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Card image 13 November 2022 Daily Maverick

Greens see red over ‘blue apartheid’

The Green Connection believes that pursuing fossil fuels does little to address South Africa’s economic crisis, much less address the energy crisis, and proposes an alternative vision for the future of the country’s energy and economic landscape.

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Card image 07 November 2022 Daily Maverick

Land Bank shows promising turnaround signs, but faces long road to recovery

The state-owned lender is profitable again. The Land Bank is lending money to emerging and established farmers after suspending such activity for nearly two years. It has also started to repay money owed to lenders. But the Land Bank still faces smothering operational problems.

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